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Bring your brokerage into the next level with IMAX Conversions.


  • Around-the-clock answering service and customer support


  • Real Estate is such a competitive field. Many transactions, especially phone calls, appointments, listings request, and lead generation, are done anytime in a day. Hence, answering service is beneficial and necessary in this environment. As we wish to help your real estate business grow, we offer you our professional and approachable receptionists that precisely gives the complete service which every client has been asking for while you focus on working out for the success of your business.


  • Working in real estate development and investment is non-stop. Therefore, it’s a 24-hour running business. With IMAX Conversion’s answering service, you are not only increasing your staffs, but you are also expanding your customer service reach. For a low cost, you could now employ customer supports who will attend the needs of your clients, whether through phone calls, messages, or emails. Expect not for call mishandling, misinformation, and misunderstanding, as our team is expert enough in interacting with every client, effectively drive every call into a sale.


  • In IMAX Conversions, appointment setting is free! We organize every schedule for a site visit or meeting of your customers who show interest in your properties. You no longer have to manually set-up your timetable because we can fix up for you. Make this an advantage to optimize your real estate business.


  • Every call in your business is valuable, but not all of it has the potential to become a sale. Allow us to filter every call coming into your business to spare the leads that require significant follow-ups. Only lend us your script, and we’ll right away cover and respond to each call in your line.


  • Lead Qualification for Real Estate Business.

    With IMAX Conversion’s answering services, your real estate business is always on the run. We help your business flourish, even without your supervision. Our phone call representatives are knowledgeable enough on how to deal with every potential client that comes along, enabling your company to generate more sales and commissions than you ever expected. As long as we operate your business, you are free to attend any meetings and appointments without worrying about how your market will be without you managing it. Regardless of how far your location is, you can immediately receive the messages concerning the operation as we will convey it to you in just a click.


  • Plenty of strategies are available to use in marketing your business; however, the effective ones can only be counted by our fingers, and one of these is the cold calling. Our call representatives are forged and well-trained to be as smart, polite, and encouraging as they could particularly when discussing with a demanding customer. The good thing also is that we scale your budget and continue to provide a service that is way greater than your capital.


  • As a real estate professional, it is expected that you do not stay in just one corner of the room, but rather, you fly often. That being so, IMAX Conversion is the right tool for you. Our Client Network Portal directly grants you access to your account whenever and wherever an internet connection is active.


  • Real Estate Call Answering Service

    Experience the privileges of becoming one of our property management clients. Let us fill vacancies and manage your maintenance requests easily on your behalf. We serve as an expansion to your office that provides the residents with assistance through a friendly, live virtual receptionist.

    No matter you are in or far from your office, we got your back. Additionally, we aim to make each call a priority so that you can initially cope up with the most vital issues in your business and route them to the specific department or team depending on your clients’ requests. In this way, you will not be able to compromise rest since everything is going well in both your properties and tenants.


  • One best feature of IMAX Conversion is that we are readily open for after-hours service. In other means, we maintain a 24-hour live call handling in-house at a cost-effective price, without any additional fees to your payroll.


  • Unpredictable and risky as it is, emergencies require urgent assistance and prompt attention. With our answering services, you don’t have to worry about conveying immediate awareness to your tenants and team. Rest assured that they will receive messages in the most timely way possible.


  • Supervision and care are substantial, no matter how small or huge the apartment building you are currently managing. With this, we felt the need to lend help. We take care of your client’s and prospective tenants needs, such as maintenance requests, scheduling site viewings, answer leasing inquiries, and service provider dispatch. Here at IMAX Conversions, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work.


  • Build your business with our Live Answering Service

    Most of our clients from the construction industry rely on us for a consistent connection to their business contacts. They testify how we were able to promote their business into a larger scale through imparting outstanding answering service to their subcontractors, agents or brokers, and other significant callers. We work in a way where every call is paramount to our job, regardless of its reason or purpose, may it be an urgent or casual appeal.


  • Letting every caller directed into a voicemail is parallel to saying that they are trivial people. Consequently, we attest that they will lose interest in making a callback. With our team of expert virtual assistants, we never let this happen. We guarantee that your client will reach a live, accommodating, and friendly virtual receptionists. Each message, email, or text received will directly be delivered to you, thus allowing you to be updated anywhere you are. You can now go on with your business meetings or scheduled appointments with a peace of mind.


  • What’s good with us is that our pricing plans are flexible enough to scale your construction business. Nevertheless, we provide the service which your business needs, whether you work in unitary or multiple buildings. Lastly, we envision to have the responsibility of growing your business by handling your incoming calls, emails, or chats.


  • Hiring in-house staffs to cover 24 hours, holidays, or weekends is way too costly. With IMAX Conversions, you can avail a pool of minutes in a month to utilize when in need. Further, we answer incoming calls that come along on extended hours or occasions in a manner you like it to be.


We're ready to lead you into the future of IMAX CONVERSIONS

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