IT Services Support

IT Services Support

Businesses nowadays are highly dependent on technology. Even consumers are now severely attached to technology. Many use it for work and leisure, among other things. Because of this, calls from frustrated clients come pouring in whenever technology fails. What happens when all they get is an automated response? You can lose their trust, and they might take their business elsewhere.

iMax Conversions understand that those in the Information Technology industry need constant support from a reliable call answering service. Here at iMax Conversions, we don’t only deliver 24-hour live chat and call answering services, but also SEO and Social Media Marketing to maximize your conversion rate. We take care of your customers while you’re busy innovating.

One can’t build a successful IT company without its most precious resource, which is your clients. Keeping them happy and satisfied is what makes them stay loyal to your brand. Allow us to handle your customers with effective call IT call answering services while you do what you do best.

Let iMax Conversion customize a call answering service solution for your specialized IT Services Support needs.

24/7 IT Support Services

It companies are always busy rendering specialized IT services to their customers. However, most can’t afford to take all calls as there are more important tasks at hand. If you’re looking for a call answering solution minus the unwelcome distraction, we’ve got you covered. One can expect 24/7 Level 1 technical support from iMax Conversions, ensuring no calls or chats are left unattended.

Technical Support

Why hire your team of technical support if you can delegate such tasks here at iMax Conversions? There’s no need to invest in hiring and training technical support as we already have a team of tech support experts ready to take in your chats and calls. Avoid unnecessary expenses and utilize our pool of talented tech support specialists. Never get disrupted with calls and let our IT answering service do the rest.

Tier 1 Help Desk

Handling calls from a frustrated customer can take a considerable amount of time. Let us handle your help desk so you can focus on the more integral part of your company.

Technician Dispatching

Got a client who needs a technician ASAP? We can help schedule, screen, and dispatch one of your on-call technicians as per client’s request. Let us coordinate your on-site support commitments, no matter the time and date.


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