General Virtual Assistant

General Virtual Assistance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up business owner, or already owns an established company. Outsourcing virtual assistants can help you grow your business by taking in tasks you need accomplished but haven’t got the time to accomplish. Think of calendar and email management, database building, transcription, preparing slides and creating necessary reports, etc. By hiring a General Virtual Assistant from iMax Conversions, consider these tasks done efficiently and on time.

  • Save Valuable Time & Money

    Our GVAs work efficiently to save you a considerable amount of time handling important tasks that are usually time-consuming. As a business owner, every second wasted is money wasted. Be delegating some of your tasks such as email and calendar management, appointment booking, call handling and the like, you get to free more of your time to focus on more pertinent tasks while still getting the job done.

  • Increase Productivity & Conversions

    When you do simple tasks that can take much of your time, it's either you finish everything and feel burned out after, or fail to finish everything you need to finish that day. Delegating some of your tasks to an iMax Virtual Assistant helps you increase your productivity rate. The more things you get to accomplish, the better your chances in increasing your conversions. You get that peace of mind knowing you can rely on your GVA to always do a job well-done.

  • 24/7 Services Or as needed

    You get to choose how many hours you want one to work for you. You can choose to hire one of our GVA part-time or full-time. If you want 24/7 virtual assistance, you can hire multiple GVAs or hire one to cover for you during after office or business hours.

  • Personalized Services

    The best thing about hiring a General Virtual Assistant from iMax Conversion is that we offer personalized GVA services to small and medium-sized business owners. We understand everyone has different business needs, which means what your GVA needs can be a completely different one to the next.

Why Hire General Virtual Assistants in iMax Conversion?

We deliver tailor-fit and high-quality general virtual assistance geared to help small and medium-sized business owners maximize productivity, savings, and conversions. We offer premier GVA services at the most reasonable rates. Get the most out of your investment, and more at iMax Conversion.

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