Chat Service

Chat Service

Some customers prefer chats instead of emails and calls. iMax Conversions specializes in chat service, making sure there will be no missed chat from your clients. Real-time chat offers convenience to your customers, helps you save money, and gives a competitive edge among your competitors. Allow us to manage your conversations, and you can enjoy increased sales and conversions.

iMax Conversions Chat Service Features:

24/4 Chat Service

Your customers who prefer chat over phone calls and emails get to chat with a real person not only during business hours but round-the-clock.

Chat Support Etiquette

We train our virtual chat associates with the best chat etiquette to ensure professional, friendly, and competent chat service for your business.

Effective Client Resolution

Our chat service can effectively handle customer inquiries and complaints, giving you time to come up with solutions to resolve their issues.

Responsive & Quick Service

Chat services allow fast and easy communication with your customers in real time.

Cost-Efficient Customer Service

Our chat answering service is a cost-efficient way of handling customer support effectively at an affordable rate.

Increased Conversions

Your clients get to access the kind of information they need about your products and services, which significantly influences their decision-buying process.

Why Outsource Our Chat Service?

iMax Conversion offers excellent quality chat service at a very competitive rate. Your customers will feel like a valued customer every single time thanks to our fast, courteous, and professional chat agents. We are ready to handle your chats no matter the time of the day, during or after office hours, or even 24/7. You get to retain old clients and attract new ones by setting a good first impression with our excellent live chat service.

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